January 2019

Cherokee Bluff High School

Justin is a senior who is completing the Sports Marketing Pathway. He manages the school store, where he is responsible for day to day inventory, waiting on customers, and operating the POS system. Justin also designed a new t-shirt that to be sold to students and faculty.

Justin’s mentor states “He is hard working and independent and shows  leadership qualities and is very responsible in running the school store.”

Good job, Justin!

Justin Murphy

Cherokee Bluff SBE

Stephen is a Business Management Pathway Completer  and is using his knowledge from the classroom to be a better employee at Arby’s. This is Stephen’s very first job and he has excelled in all areas according to his mentor who states, “He always works hard and does his best to give 100%. It is a pleasure to have him working here.”


Stephen is striving to earn his GeorgiaBEST Certification and is pursing a career in the military.  

Congratulations Stephen!

Chestatee High School

Stephen Hale


Katty Lopez

“I love assisting people in what they need and learning different things. I also love experiencing the medical field through my internship and being able to learn many things from it. My plans after high school would be to attend college and get my Bachelor’s degree and work my way up to a Master of Science in Nursing degree. I have decided to pursue nursing because it was always something I was interested in and I love that I will have the opportunity of helping people in need. I also love nursing because I get to work with patients and different types of people in the workplace.


With WBL I have had the opportunity of understanding more about the medical field and it has helped me understand how to handle certain situations. With WBL I have also had the chance to speak with patients, get along with them, and learn more about how to care for them. I am very grateful to be in the WBL program because of all the opportunities it has given me to learn new and interesting things.”

Northeast Georgia Medical Center

East Hall High School

Anna Jones

Anna is the Work-Based Learning Student of the Month for November 2018!  She is a Senior and Dual Enrolled and also currently interning at ZF Industries. 

Anna is pursuing a career in Mechanical Engineering and is completing soft skill lessons to earn the Georgia Best Certificate!

Flowery Branch High School

ZF Industries

Connor Dineen

Connor is a Senior who interns at ZF in their IT department. Connor has completed the Programming Pathway as well as the Business & Technology Pathway and wants to pursue a career in the IT field. Connor exhibits excellent employability skills and is a dedicated student and employee.

Connor’s mentor states “Connor has worked effectively and learned his new tasks quickly. He has an amazing ability to diagnose problems and find solutions.”

Congratulations, Connor!

ZF Industries

Flowery Branch High School

“Kimberly is a great listener and takes direction well. She is pleasant to work along side.” ~ Oncology Staff, S5E, NGHS “Kimberly is willing to learn and demonstrates strong communication skills.” ~Perioperative Staff, NGHS


Great Job, Kimberly!


Kimberly is a Healthcare Pathway Completer

Kimberly Mendez-Ibarra

Johnson High School

Northeast Georgia Health Systems

Jessica Jara

Terrell Malone, a senior at LCCA, is employed with Lanier Carts & Outdoor in Gainesville, Georgia.  Terrell is an Agriculture Mechanics student on track to graduate a year early with a desire to train for a career in the aviation maintenance field. 

When realizing the opportunities he has with mechanics and small engine repair at Lanier Carts, Terrell decided to remain at LCCA for the year and work on his mechanical skill set and continue with the WBL program.

Terrell’s employment as a work-based learning student with Lanier Carts & Outdoor is providing excellent training motors in addition to the transferable soft skills that ALL employees must exhibit. 

We look forward to what the future brings for this standout student!

 Congratulations “T”!!

Lanier College & Career Academy

Lanier Carts & Outdoor

Leah Smith

Poultry Technical Services

Leah is a Senior who works at Poultry Technical Services in Gainesville.   She is currently completing two Agriculture pathways (Agricultural Mechanics & Veterinary Science). Leah plans to pursue a career in Avian Veterinary Science (specializing in the treatment of birds) and is gaining valuable experience on her current job.  She is also learning employability skills thru Work-Based Learning. 




North Hall High School

West Hall High School

Lauren is a Work-Based Learning intern at The Longstreet Clinic Pharmacy. She has completed her Healthcare Science pathway and plans to pursue a career in pharmacy. Lauren is certified in CPR and has earned her Emergency Medical Responders Certification.


“Lauren is a self-starter, quick to learn new things, and an excellent communicator.”

--Kay Gearhart, The Longstreet Clinic Pharmacy


Congratulations, Lauren!


Lauren Ivarie

Longstreet Clinic Pharmacy

The Hall County Board of Education is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, handicapping condition, or sex in its educational programs or employment. 

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