February 2019

Cherokee Bluff High School

Harrison is a junior who interns with Chestnut Mountain Church in their music ministry. He also

plays guitar and sings at FCA in his school. After graduating from college, Harrison hopes to

pursue a career as a worship leader in a church.

Harrison’s mentor states “He is one of the best interns I have ever had!”

Harrison Gragg

Chestnut Mountain Church

Rachael Vandiver

Rachel is a Senior who has completed a Healthcare Career Pathway. She interns at Northeast Georgia Medical Center for three periods daily. Rachel is rotating through eight different departments to explore which career area is best for her.


Rachel’s mentor states, “She is very kind, eager to work and learn new on the job training. She’s compassionate with patients yet encourages the patients to keep up their well-being. She is a pleasure to have.”  



Congratulations Rachel!

Chestatee High School

Northeast Georgia Medical Center

Daniel Restrepo

“After high school I will be going to AIT for my job in the army as a 68 Juliet (Medical Logistics) then enrolling into UNG cadet admission. My job has helped me with my future career goals by teaching me self-discipline and organization. WBL has helped me towards my future career by helping me build my resume and helping me learn valuable lessons. I am planning on becoming a RN and then going AMED through the army and becoming a trauma nurse. I also plan on becoming an officer in the United States Army.


I have faced many challenges through my life and I believe the greatest one I have overcome is self-doubt. I learned through determination and dedication I can easily overcome my self-doubt. I would like to thank my teachers and mentors for always believing in me and helping me through anything I come to them with.”

12 Stone Church

East Hall High School

David Eskew

David is the Work-Based Learning Student of the Month for February 2019!  He is a Senior and is currently interning @ BLOCK N BLADE in Flowery Branch.

David is in Honors WBL and is pursuing a career in Food Science/Chemical Engineering and is completing soft skill lessons to earn the Georgia Best Certificate!

David is was recently accepted to the University of Georgia!   

Great Job DAVID!

Flowery Branch High School

Block N Blade

Gentry Hammock

Gentry  is a Senior who interns at Northeast GA Health Systems. Her goal is to attend UNG, become a registered nurse and  pursue a career  working with trauma patients. Gentry embodies  excellent employability skills and will do well in her chosen field!

Gentry’s mentor states “Gentry is professional, punctual, has a good rapport with patients and staff, and takes initiative. She does a great job!”

Great Job, Gentry!

Northeast Georgia Medical Center

Flowery Branch High School

Oliver is a pathway completer for Business & Technology and has earned the GeorgiaBEST Employability Credential. He is also the   

Recipient of The Dream US Opportunity Scholarship at

Eastern Connecticut State University, March 2019. 

‘Oliver is an amazing employee.  He is one of the best students I have ever had to work at Target.  Oliver is helpful and courteous to customers.  He is able to work well in any department.’ ~Rayna Price, Management

Great  Job, Oliver!

Oliver Hernandez

Johnson High School


Jessica Jara

Terrell Malone, a senior at LCCA, is employed with Lanier Carts & Outdoor in Gainesville, Georgia.  Terrell is an Agriculture Mechanics student on track to graduate a year early with a desire to train for a career in the aviation maintenance field. 

When realizing the opportunities he has with mechanics and small engine repair at Lanier Carts, Terrell decided to remain at LCCA for the year and work on his mechanical skill set and continue with the WBL program.

Terrell’s employment as a work-based learning student with Lanier Carts & Outdoor is providing excellent training motors in addition to the transferable soft skills that ALL employees must exhibit. 

We look forward to what the future brings for this standout student!

 Congratulations “T”!!

Lanier College & Career Academy

Lanier Carts & Outdoor

Leah Smith

Poultry Technical Services

Leah is a Senior who works at Poultry Technical Services in Gainesville.   She is currently completing two Agriculture pathways (Agricultural Mechanics & Veterinary Science). Leah plans to pursue a career in Avian Veterinary Science (specializing in the treatment of birds) and is gaining valuable experience on her current job.  She is also learning employability skills thru Work-Based Learning. 




North Hall High School

West Hall High School

Rey is a Work-Based Learning intern at Mencom engineering. He has completed his Architectural Design pathway and plans to pursue a career in engineering. Rey was the 2018 Architectural Engineering Student of the Year and is also an Honors WBL student.


“Rey is highly motivated and his work ethic is viewed by many at Mencom with success at every assigned task.”

                                         --Earl Bragg, Mencom



Congratulations, Rey!


Rey Santana


The Hall County Board of Education is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, handicapping condition, or sex in its educational programs or employment. 

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