EVERY day, you must sign in/out at the WBL office. Write your work schedule for that week on the log. This is worth 100 points a month as part of your daily grade.

Going to be absent from school? Notify your mentor as soon as you know. If you have an appointment, please provide advanced notice (2+ days). If you are sick, then please notify your mentor & Mrs. Haynes by 8:30 a.m. If you are too sick to come to school, then you cannot go to work.  It is very courteous and is a good reflection on you to notify in a timely manner.

Missed internship time must be made up. If you miss internship (unpaid) time due to sickness, field trip, appointments, etc., you should plan with your mentor to make up your time so that your monthly time grade does not suffer. The only time I excuse from make-up are the state required standardized testing dates.

On a Snow Day...

  • WBL students should contact their mentor/employer to notify them that they will not be at work since Hall County Schools are closed for a snow day.

  • You should work on your monthly online assignments to complete this month's work or to work ahead.

  • Email or contact your WBL Coordinator with any additional questions or issues.


Every month, you must complete a number of assignments as a part of your WBL placement. Review the checklist each month to see which specific items are due. It's different each month, so don't assume that you know what it is. Review the checklist!

Access all of your assignments on the Hall County WBL website: www.hallcowbl.org

You are already completing assignments that qualify you for GeorgiaBest Certifiation! Do assignments on time and complete a FEW other items to earn your work ethic credential from the Georgia Department of Labor.

Students that earn the GeorgiaBEST ELITE certification through WBL will earn an Honor Cord to wear at graduation! Learn more here>

All ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE TURNED IN ELECTRONICALLY. This does not include time sheets and/or check stubs, or employer evaluations. Please submit those items to my office mailbox.

The link to upload your files is: www.dropittome/ The upload password is Spartans.


You cannot submit files using Google Drive on Dropittome (.gdoc files). If you need Microsoft Office Applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, the Microsoft Student Advantage Program provides FREE access to any student who is currently enrolled in the Hall County School District is eligible and may download and install Office 365 Pro applications on up to 5 devices (PC, MAC, and/or mobile device).

** Remember to save your assignments in the required format . If you don't, you probably won't get credit for the work that you've turned in.

FORMAT: first initial (dot) last name (dot) month and assignment name
For example:  J.Doe.SeptCoverLetter.doc

Please email me at Suzanne.haynes@hallco.org if you have any questions or concerns.




When interviewing for a job or competing for your CTSO, it is critical that you dress appropriately. Take a look at this video for some solid tips on how to dress professionally.

Remember that dressing professionally does not need to cost a fortune. Target and Goodwill have affordable options and always dress more conservatively. When interviewing, it's less about being trendy and more about being professional.

Once hired or placed, consult your boss or mentor for appropriate work attire.


All WBL students are expected to follow the WHHS dress code EVERY day - or you will be reported.

  • No mini-skirts, short shorts (including ATHLETIC shorts), yoga pants, or leggings without a long top.

  • No midriff, spaghetti straps (females), sleeeveless shirts (males) or see-through tops.

  • No Low-worn/baggy pants. No holes in pants above knees.

  • No hats, headbands, bandanas, sunglasses worn inside.

  • No shirts with vulgar, offensive or suggestive words/pictures or which advertise alcohol, tobacco, weapons, controlled substances, or gang affiliations.

  • Must wear ID badge every day, all the time.



At WHHS, here is how the grades will be allocated for WBL. Remember that 80% of your grade are the below items (which total 100%), and your final exam will count for an additional 20% of your overall course grade.
    - Hours - 40%
    - Monthly activities - 30%
        - Daily grades are worth 25 points each week. How to lose points:
                - Missed sign in/out, no notice -10
                - Don't write your work schedule -5
                - On campus during WBL period -5
                - Lack of communication/response -5
    - Employer evaluation - 20%
    - Documentation - 10%
If you have multiple WBL release periods, you will receive the same grade across ALL periods, which can really impact your GPA. The course syllabus is posted below.

WHHS Work-Based Learning 2017

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