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Community Service Projects

Participating in community service is much more than a resume suffer or way to earn CTSO points. Community service is a way to be active in your community and develop your servant leadership skills. Improving conditions around you begins with an awareness of what is actually going on and the willingness to be involved. 

In HWBL, we believe in serving our community and gaining as many perspectives as possible. For this reason, each member will be actively involved in two community service projects,  The Salvation Army and  Backpack Love. 

Check out our opportunities below. 

toy drive image.png
  • You will work with your individual schools to organize and oversee a school-level toy drive. Items from each school will be combined as one single donation from the HWBL cohort. 

  • We will begin work on this in October

  • Each school will have a Salvation Army bin. 

  • Don't forget you will be able to include CTAE classes and CTSOs to collect as many toys as possible. 

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